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Logger Installation

To view the Logger installation procedure, click here.

Logger is one of those tools, that once you use it, you'll never want to use a computer without it. That's due to it's simplicity and power. What Logger does for you is let you get the information you need, quickly and easily. So easy that a 4 year old can use it. It's a great tool for beginner or advanced users. Logger's power is in it's simple interface, a small window, called the Logger window which is displayed below.

Logger Window

In this window, which is always available, on top, you enter simple keystrokes that bring you to the information you need(A for Amazon,"Q <stock>" to get a stock quote, "QV <stock>" to get Stock Valuation, "G" for Google, "Ex" for Excel, "W" for Word, "R" for your resume, etc.). And it's easily customizable. In addition, we will help you get up to speed with our software through our Live Operator, who can help you with your installation and setup.

Here is an example of entering "A" in the Logger window will bring you to

Logger Window "A" Entered

Pressing enter will bring you to Amazon.


The Logger window is still available. Want to search for something, like "cheap investing books" you can enter the following:

Logger Window Entering "g cheap investing books"

"g" is for "" search engine followed by what you want to search on. The Google results will be displayed

If your an investor, click here to see some investing shortcuts that are available.

So you get quick access to programs, documents, and web-sites, by entering a few keys. You also can save steps by passing parameters to a shortcut. You also get the ability to type anything into Logger and it will remember it, and record the date and time it was entered and allow you to quickly retrieve this information via the "find" command. Since Logger is always available, it's easy to enter your data. You'll never forget where you put the information.

Some things you can keep in Logger:

  • What you're working on if you have to create status reports or bill clients for your time
  • A diary of any information, as everything is date stamped, such as a trading diary
  • Record information on employee performance if you manage multiple people and must write performance reviews
  • Record information of new or cute things you children do or say
  • Record feelings, ideas anything that you'd like to retrieve
  • Record client specific information like birth dates, kids names, etc.
  • Record error message or problems and how you solved the problem, so you can easily solve it if it occurs again
  • Record website user ids and passwords in one place
  • Record software code to perform a specific function, like how to get a random number in Javascript.

Logger also comes with a number of powerful shortcuts already, built in so you can get started saving time immediately.

Logger also has a built in Egg timer and stop watch to help you manage your time better.

Logger is shareware, so you can try it before you spend a penny on it and see if you really like it, it's guaranteed. If you don't like logger we'll refund your purchase price.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, Me, XP
  • Internet Explorer version 5.0 or greater
  • 10 Mb free disk space

To install Logger 1.0.442

1. Download Setup.exe (7.5 Mb) to your machine. .
2. Select "Run This program" or press the (Open) button
3. The software will download to your machine
4. You may get a "Authenticode signature not found" message. This is OK press (Yes) if you see this dialog
5. You should see the Logger 1.0 Installation screen
6. Shutdown all of your running programs and press OK
7. Press (Next) 3 times, and installation gauge appears
8. "Installation Completed!" will be displayed. Press (Finish)
9. Logger will automatically be started
10. To Start Logger from your desktop. The red notebook that says Logger or from the (Start) button Programs - - Logger
11. Read and accept the License Agreement and Logger will start
12. You can view the tutorial.

If you are have any questions email us at or contact a Live Operator

Get a One Page Guide To Logger here.

Get the User Guide in PDF Format. or in Microsoft Word format . If you don't have Word get the Word Viewer

What is Logger?

  • Is a tool that will help you get information from the web, quickly and easily
  • Logger can make you more productive by supporting 2 main functions
    • Shortcuts - this give's you the ability to quickly access web related information
    • Logging - stores information that you may later want to retrieve such as an investing diary. Anything entered is time-stamped in an easy to access window
  • Shortcuts
    • Give you the ability to quickly access
      • Your favorite web pages
      • Software or documents on your machine
    • Pass parameters to you shortcuts
    • You can define you own shortcuts
  • Logging
    • Track what you do and when
    • Keep an investing diary
    • Store user ids/passwords for quick retrieval
    • Store and retrieve phone numbers
    • Store any information you will need and quickly retrieve it
  • Shortcuts Commands - Logger comes with the following table of prebuilt commands which allow you to quickly access various web information

 Logger Command  Format Function
A   Takes you to
Q IBM Q <stock> Does a Yahoo quote on the entered <stock>
QV Dell QV <stock> Does a valuation on entered <stock>
RB MSFT RB <stock> Brings up the ranging bull message board for entered <stock>
VE KO VE <stock> ValuEngine ranking via Hoovers of <stock>
Z BA Z <stock> Get a Zack's rating on a stock
BC MCD BC <stock> on <stock>
MO ELON MO <stock> Takes you to Grades
H MSFT H <stock> on <stock>
GA CSCO GA <stock> Guru analysis on <stock>
SI IBM SI <stock> Shows the Short Interest on a stock from
CS INTC CS <stock> on <stock>
G Dell CEO G <search> <search2> Does a Google search of the entered parameters
IPO JBLU IPO <stock> Takes you to the site for <stock>
S DJ S<stock> Get on a <stock>
MC AXP  MC <stock> Moneycentral on a <stock>
RW C RW <stock> Money Central Research Wizard
SL  Coke SL <stock name> Symbol Lookup on Yahoo for <stock name>
Stock Market No Parameters
SG   Starts the web page
MO   Takes you to Yahoo's Market Overview
HU   View market commentary by John Hussman
QH   Quote on fund HSGFX from Yahoo
IBD   Brings up Investor Business Daily Web-site
QR   Brings up the Quick Research page
TP   Brings up Todays Picks
SW   Brings up the Stock Wizard
BB   Brings up
VV   Stock Analysis at Vector Vest
Nasdaq   Goes to Nasdaq site
NYSE   Goes to the New York Stock Exchange web-site
IPO   Takes you to CNET investor IPO page
Splits    Stock Splits on Yahoo
VP   Stock Valuation at
CS home page
SI   SiliconInvestor
CNN   Bring up CNN's home page
CNBC   Brings you to the CNBC web-site
ABC   ABC News
FOX   Fox News
BR   Brings up Bloomberg Radio
NHM   Nasdaq 100 Heat Map
WE 11803 WE <zip> Gets the weather from in the entered <zip code>
G   Bring's you to the Google search engine
K   Takes you to for peer-to-peer file sharing
FID   Fidelity Home page
W   Run's Microsoft Word
Ex   Run's Microsoft Excel
IE   Bring's up Internet Explorer
F   Runs File Manager
E   Run's Explorer
ZL   Zip Lookup - Looks up a 9 digit zip code